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2019 WEDDINGS // Starting at $2,500
Now Booking 2020 Weddings!


I don’t believe in set packages because every couple is different and so are their needs.
I create packages based on what my clients are looking for.

Let’s get to work on creating up something that’s perfect for you!
Email me at: rachelkunzenphotography@gmail.com
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Nobody likes to talk about money or budgets, but it’s important!

Many couples begin the planning process having no idea what a wedding actually costs, or why things are priced the way they are. That’s okay! I’m here to fill you in and let you know why.

Wedding photography is SO much more than pressing a button on a camera.
It’s this website.
It’s making sure I have the best equipment (and then some!).
It’s working on your timeline and photo list so we can make sure you get all the images you want.
It’s trying to find the best light.
It’s choosing angles that eliminate distractions or unsightly backgrounds.
It’s keeping an eye on Mom, Dad, Grandma, to capture those moments when they laugh, cry, or break out in dance.
It’s having a back up plan in case it rains.
It’s carefully selecting and editing each image I deliver back to you.

I didn’t even mention that running a small business takes so much time, work, and money.
The lovely IRS takes 30% right off the top,
I don’t have a boss to set up a 401k for me, or offer benefits, etc.
I need to be able to cover my costs, otherwise, my business will go extinct!

Wedding photography is an incredibly valuable service, as your wedding day doesn’t get a do over.

This is why it costs so much, but why that cost is worth it!
You are paying me for all those things I said above, but you are also paying me because I will deliver while you guys can relax and ENJOY!