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Rachel Kunzen Photography
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let’s get to know each other

I am so glad you’ve come to my page. It’s always so important to me to build relationships with each of my clients. Part of that begins by getting to know one another! How about I go first. :)

a little about me

While photography and being a small business owner takes up a good bit of my time, there is so much more to who I am!

I am a wife, Christian, and professional homebody.
I am into: Myers-Briggs (I am an INFJ, what are you?), antiques, anything 80s related (seriously.. I feel like I was born in the wrong decade ha!), non-toxic living, playing old vinyls on my record player, and adventuring to new places near and far! My favorite dessert is Tiramisu, although I could always eat anything chocolate. <3

I love coffee dates and meaningful conversations. I love old sitcoms like Seinfeld, Cheers, Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World.. and all those good ones! I am also a big fan of The Office, but who isn’t!? I’m always down for getting some sushi and going to Target! ;)

I always want my clients to feel connected to me.. like I’m a real person to them! Thanks for reading about me.. I hope this can be the beginning of something awesome! :)

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 some of my favorite things



Kevin and I will celebrate five years of marriage this year! 
Kevin says we are now marriage 
"veterans" haha! :)
This photo is one we got when we went to italy in 2017.
Coffee Dates

Coffee Dates

Coffee dates are my FAV, especially if they are paired with a yummy dessert! ;) And extra bonus points if they are paired with meaningful conversation.


Traveling is a mega adrenaline rush for me. A goal of mine is to go to all 7 continents, and this year I will have been to 5. I have also been to more than half of all the United States! WOOOT!

Kind Words from Previous Clients



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