Alex + Alicia // The Barn at Madison Wedding, Madison PA

Where do I even begin with this wedding... Alex and Alicia had such a beautiful day. Before I even talk about their day, let me just talk about them. In our phone calls prior to the wedding, I could tell Alicia was a genuine sweetheart. She took time to ask about my life and how I was doing (So thoughtful)! Upon meeting them both on the day of, I instantly felt like they truly cared about me and were so glad that I was there to document their day. There's nothing that gives me more energy and joy than to know that my couples are excited to have me with them. 

Watching these two interact was also so so touching. From Alex calling Alicia "love", to allllllll the tears they let go throughout the day, to their deep and moving love for Jesus. It was certainly a day I will never forget! 

They allowed me so much time to photograph them and even encouraged me to get some unique and creative shots that time doesn't always permit at most weddings I photograph. 

Here is their day in photographs... Alex and Alicia wed at the Barn at Madison, in Madison, PA.

--RK <3

P.S. they also had a Christmas in July themed wedding (how awesome is that)!!