Garrett + Elaina // Arising Church, Crystal Lake + Soulful Prairies, Woodstock, Illinois Wedding

Garrett and Elaina's wedding was one of the most touching and beautiful weddings I have ever photographed. It made it even more meaningful since these two are friends. They are so incredibly perfect for each other and the way they love Jesus so boldly is inspiring. They are so kind and generous, always willing to give an ear to listen or a sweet word of encouragement. When they ask how you are doing, you know that they really truly care and want to know how you are REALLY doing.

I have photographed some weddings outside of PA but this was the first one to be states away! My husband Kevin is the connection I have between these two. Kevin was one of the groomsmen, so it was also fun to photograph my husband in a wedding! :)

These two had a lovely location for their day. A beautiful handmade wooden stage and archway for their ceremony at The Arising Church in Crystal Lake, and their reception was in a barn on a gorgeous property in Woodstock called Soulful Prairies. They actually keep horses on the floor below where all the guests were! It was such a peaceful area and there were so many little places to get away to to escape the party for a few minutes, which is what we did at sunset!

It was supposed to rain that day. But many prayers were sent up and the rain clouds stayed away. In fact, the sun was blazing and it was so hot out! But still, the sun was shining, smiles were had, the dancing was rowdy, and many joyful tears were shed for these two on their beautiful day.

Here's their story in photos.