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Ana // Toledo Christian School Senior // Downtown Toledo, OH

Thanks to marrying into Kevin's family, I am now cousins (in laws?) with two beautiful twins. Every time we drive out to Chicago to visit Kevin's family, we make a pit stop in the modest town of Toledo to see his Uncle and Aunt and their three daughters. This summer we took a trip out because the twins are now graduating, wooooo!

We strolled the streets of Toledo with Aunt Martha as our car companion (chauffer really, haha)! These girls are twins yet so incredibly different. I remember having a hard time telling them a part but now that I've edited their photos and stared at their faces for hours, their differences are even more apparent (in the most non-weird way haha)! I am so excited to see where they go in life and what adventures they embark upon.

First up is Ana.

--R <3