The Scheffe's // Grove City Memorial Park, PA Family Session

June 9th I was sitting at my booth at Strawberry Days, an annual festival held in Grove City for various vendors to display their products at. I was sitting there watching the crowds of people trickle in and out of the area as they gazed at the many booths. Soon after, Kayla walked up to my booth, holding her sweet baby girl who was only a few weeks old then.

Before I knew it, we had agreed to meet again in just a couple days for a family session right there in the park. I didn't know what to expect having a booth at the festival but I was so excited to have connected with someone and be capturing their family and story so soon!

9AM Monday morning arrived, it was still cool enough out, with dew still fresh on the ground in some spots. There beside the water fountain and in the shade, I photographed their sweet little family.

Enjoy. <3