The O'Rorke's // McConnell's Mill Family Session

A few months ago, Laura and I found each other through a Facebook photography group. She herself takes some photos of her family as a hobby, but she was tired of being the one always behind the camera. She decided that it was time to get some updated family photos that included her! I'm always happy when Mom's make that decision, because I know in the long run they will be so thankful to have those images (that include them!) to look back on.

We met up in the evening at McConnell's Mill and ventured down near the creek shore. Just behind me the whole time was a man fishing, and at times he caught some fish which provided some good reactions from their kiddos (you'll see)! They played in the shallow water, pretended sticks were boats, and were on the look out for fish. We had a great time.

Enjoy! <3