Sarah + Alex // McConnell's Mill Family Session

Sarah and I met some 7 years ago when we were both working together at Panera Bread in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Just high school girls then, with photography as only a hobby, I didn't think that one day I would have the opportunity to photograph her as a new mother with her baby boy. Some time ago we reconnected on Facebook and have "stayed in touch" through photos and likes.

When she reached out to me to take these photos and described what she wanted, I was so excited! I love when someone comes to me and they have visions for their images and want to be adventurous! It's exactly the kind of work that I love doing with people to capture those moments for them!

Sarah and Alex drove up to McConnell's Mill, on a cloudy, drizzling day. But Sarah didn't care, and if she didn't, neither did I! She arrived flower crown on, and with her recently purchased bohemian dress she got from Amazon. Alex, who is 8 months old, was all SMILES! I don't know how I got so lucky to photograph these two beauties, with a constantly smiling babe.

Enjoy. <3

Rachel Kunzen Photography