The Burkholder's // La Roche College Family Session

This family and I have known each other for at least a solid 6 years now. It's hard to believe how time has gone by. I met them when Moriah was little and still in diapers! They were the first family to ever ask me to photograph them, which was the first time I had ever photographed anyone or anything outside of my own family. They did and still do believe in me and my work, which continues to encourage me! I have loved photographing them the past few years, and seeing the changes that have occurred. The biggest change this time around was that they added a little furry friend to their family named Olivia!

We ventured to La Roche College on one of the last snowy days before spring. It was a foggy morning, but there was something mysterious and beautiful about it. Afterward we went to their home to capture some shots with their kitty. Enjoy! <3