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I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh suburbs (shout out to all the Gibsonia peeps!), but currently I live in the small town of Grove City, Pennsylvania with my husband Kevin.

I love weddings but more importantly, I think marriage is pretty awesome. I married young at the ripe age of 20 (Kevin was only 19)! It was one of the best decisions I ever made. :) All I am and hope to be is rooted in my faith and love for Jesus.

Now that we covered the major points, here are some fun facts about me:
-I pretty much never wear make up.
-I am a 90s kid but definitely LOVE the 80s (music, movies… it’s so good)!
-I am the youngest out of 8 kids.
-One of my favorite accessories is a $7 Walmart robe that I bought a couple years back. #noshame
-My husband and I met on an online video game when we were 14 years old (Runescape, have you heard of it?).
-I am a true homebody. In fact, some weeks I don’t leave my home for days at a time.
-Despite that, I LOVE to travel. One of my goals is to visit all 7 continents, and I'm more than halfway there!

Other things I enjoy: one on one's that include deep & meaningful sharing, finding cozy coffee shops, going thrifting or antiquing, and going for hikes! I'm also an INFJ who has a mild obsession with the Myers-Briggs. I'd love to know your type! :D

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